A Brief History of Glass Art

Glass Etching was introduced in the Philippines in the late 1980’s, where one small company started the business in manila. A new concept in artwork using glass as the medium to etch into as competition to traditional artwork on canvas, woodcrafts and stained glass windows.

The new form of artwork was slow to develop as customers have preferred the traditional method for artwork displayed in houses, public buildings, churches and offices.

As the years have passed, this form of artwork on glass have become popular with all classes of the population and because of its elegant style, affordable price and unlike a painting the artwork does not fade with age, due to the etching effect. As a result of popularity in this artwork an expansion in small businesses has emerged in manila. At the same time opportunities presented for good Glass Etching artist emerged to produce high standard, professional, finished artwork in glass designs.

My Life

I, Manolo V. Gutierez Jr., the owner/manager of M.V.G. Glass Illusions was part of the history of the glass etching artwork from its small beginning as outlined above, I have been part of this business from the early days and have almost 20 years experience in glass etching designs.

I started working in a glass etching firm in the summer of 1990 to learn my trade and through the 1990 until 2003 I was employed by 3 other well established glass etching companies. During that time I learned and developed many different techniques in glass etching art.

In 2003, I had to stop my job due to health reasons. So I left Manila to live with my parents in Sto. Tomas La Union. When I regained my health and medically fit for work, I realized that being an artist is not enough, my ambitions in life was first to learn business and marketing by attending college and then start and manage my own business in glass etching. I decided to go to England to study, my sister Marivic and brother-in-law Alan were going to sponsor me attend a college in London. Unfortunately I had problems with Immigration Acceptance on a student Visa for 2 years. Though I was disappointed with the outcome. The college fees were refunded to Marivic and Alan. The decision was made by Marivic and Alan to give me the college fees plus money for 1 year. They had saved for my expenses in England and flight money to start my own business. The initial goal is to earn enough money to sustain, expand the business and family needs.

The money given to me has enabled me to purchase equipment and build the workshop. In march 2008 M.V.G. Glass Illusions was born the 3 families that makes this business possible. The company has only started trading this last few months and population in Northern Luzon are not a custom to this type of artwork; so I am now using the concepts I learned in the early days of my experience to show this artwork to the local people. We are making positive progress. Our aims are to be the top company in Luzon and ultimately break into the established markets in South East Asia.

What's New

Photographic etching; specializes in glass plaques and trophies for competition, recognition, annual awards, service awards and achievement awards.

Personal and corporate souvenirs/giveaways and novelty items for all kinds of occasions such as coffee mugs, wine glasses and all kinds of glass wares.

Table accessories such as penholders, calling card holders, paperweights, key chains, ashtray, candle light holder and more. view products

Contact Details:

Contact Person:Noli Gutierrez
Contact Number:09204877689
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